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Principal's Message


HSDB is very similar to other public schools. For example, we follow a state approved curriculum, follow state standards and graduation requirements, teachers are certified and highly qualified, and have high expectations of our students. We offer our students after-school programs including athletics through a partnership with our neighbor schools such as football, basketball, volleyball, wrestling and more. We also have our own bowling team, eSports team, Student Body Government, and more.
Although similar to other public schools, we are also a very unique school, where staff and students practice ALOHA every day. This means we practice compassion, love, sympathy and kindness to one another. Our practice of ALOHA makes it easier to fulfill our vision of a school that provides a safe, inclusive, multicultural, and Deaf-friendly environment for our students and staff. With the help of ALOHA, students are empowered to thrive academically, socially, and emotionally. Students who arrive at HSDB with minimal or no ASL skills are embraced and welcomed by our students who communicate and are educated in ASL. These non-ASL students also receive intensive ASL instructions by teachers to help them assimilate into HSDB's daily life. Everyone, students and staff, work together to create a school environment where students feel safe and included.
Another unique aspect of HSDB is that many students come from Hawai'i's neighbor islands. These students are flown into Honolulu on Sunday evenings and return home on Friday afternoons to spend time with their families. For those families who do not know ASL, our Parent Coordinator offers free ASL classes. 
There are many, many more wonderful opportunities that HSDB provides students in K-12 grades and their parents. Please read the pages on our website and if you have any questions or need more information, just email or call us. Mahalo.