Residential Life » Eligibility


Students who reside on neighboring islands receive priority for residing in the HSDB dormitory during the week while school is in session. If space is available, Oahu students who fulfill the following criteria may be considered for the dormitory on a year to year basis. The final decision is made by the principal based on the availability of space, which is reassessed on an annual basis.

  1. Students must be:
    1. Eight years of age or older and
    2. Be able to demonstrate independent self-care skills;
  2. Students who reside at least 90 minutes from the HSDB campus will be given priority if space is available. Consideration is made of the potential adverse impact of school bus travel time on academic performance.
  3. Students who live less than 90 minutes from campus may be considered if other special factors are involved such as:
    1. A need for special intervention to help a student who already has self-care skills to develop independent living skills with good health and safety habits; 
    2. A foster child who needs temporary placement until a foster home can be found; or
    3. Homeless status