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School Community Council Minutes

School Community Councils are forums for exchanging ideas about how to improve student achievement among the school’s stakeholders: principals, teachers, school staff, parents, students, and community members. They help craft the school’s Academic Plan and Financial Plan, which establish the goals and programs for the school, and the available resources.
Notices and agendas of meetings are available at a publicly accessible area in the school's administrative office so as to be available for review during regular business hours.
February 2, 2024
Dear Students, Parents, and Guardians,
We hope this message finds you well. We are excited to announce that our next School Community Council (SCC) Meeting is scheduled for February 5, 2024, at 4:00 PM. Your participation and engagement are crucial to our school's success, and we encourage you to join us for this important meeting.
Meeting Details:
Date: February 5, 2024
Time: 4:00 PM
To help you prepare and stay informed, please take a moment to review the attached agenda for the upcoming SCC meeting. You can download it here: SCC Meeting Agenda - February 5, 2024.
Agenda Highlights:
Opening Remarks
Principal's Report
Committee Updates
Old Business
New Business
Open Floor for Questions and Comments

Your participation and input in SCC meetings are highly valued, as they play a significant role in shaping the direction and decisions of our school. Your questions, suggestions, and feedback are essential in helping us provide the best educational experience for our students.
If you have any specific questions or topics you would like to address during the meeting, please feel free to reach out to our SCC chairperson, Taryn Napoleon.
We look forward to your active participation and contribution to our school's growth and success. Let's work together to make our school community even better.
Thank you for your continued support.
SCC Meeting Dates:
10/26/2023 - 5:30 PM - Office Conference Room
02/05/2024 - 4:00 PM - Library